Camper rental in New Zealand

Camping is a way of life in New Zealand , so much so that it is permitted to free-camp in many places. This makes renting a campervan special experience as New Zealand is so sparsely populated that you may camp for days at a time without seeing another soul! If you are going to free-camp ensure that your water levels are topped up, that you have plenty of gas and fuel, and that your waste is empty. There are public campervan waste disposal points in most New Zealand towns, usually well signed (check the supermarket car park if you can't find one!).

Campervan holidays are incredibly cheap in New Zealand as well as free camping campervan rental is cheaper than many other countries, especially in the low season. Auckland airport has a special desk in the arrivals lounge where you can check out all the latest campervan (and hotel) deals, and make free phone calls to the campervan rental companies. It is recommended that you book your campervan before arriving in New Zealand, especially in high season, but in theory you could arrive at Auckland airport with nothing but your bag of clothes and a credit card, make a call to one of the campervan rental companies, and be on the road in your campervan within a couple of hours!

Campers in New Zealand are well equipped, with heating as well as air conditioning; ensure that the heating is adequate if heading for a snow holiday in the South Islands resort towns such as Queenstown. Fan heaters are often also supplied, but these can only be used when connected to an electric hook-up on a campsite. Some campers are designed with a heated bathroom, this gives you a drying room for clothes and equipment that may have got wet when pursuing New Zealand's extreme sports or simply trekking in the rain.