Camper rental in Australia

Renting a campervan in Australia is extremely popular and an excellent way to see this vast country (continent!). Campervans are available to rent in all shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets. It is possible to rent a campervan from any of the major ‘arrival' city airports; Sydney , Brisbane , Cairns , Darwen and Perth . One-way rentals are popular - distances in Australia are so vast, most people's trips are one-way between cities.


The most popular Australian campervan holiday is the East coast trip from Sydney to Cairns or vice versa (depending on the time of year). It is important to check the weather charts before deciding on the direction of the trip. Remember we are talking about a continent here, and the weather is very different in the North ( Cairns ) to the South (Sydney). As a general rule, Cairns is best visited mid-year as over the later and earlier part of the year (when Sydney is experiencing a pleasant summertime) Cairns is having tropical storms and downpours.

If you are on a budget, or limited for time, you might want to consider campervan relocation hire. Relocation hire costs from $1 per day (sometimes plus insurance). Campervan rental companies offer relocations in Australia as a way of compensating for all the one-way rentals (for example, the Sydney to Cairns trip). Relocations are not always available, but are great value. My partner and I relocated an excellent Winnebago RV from Darwen to Alice Springs , which cost me $1 per day plus fuel. This was cheaper than plane tickets, and we got to experience one of the worlds greatest roadtrips into the bargain!

Australia is a very outdoors-orientated country, and as such has an excellent infrastructure of campsites and camping stores to make your trip safe and enjoyable. Many retirees (known as ‘grey nomads') spend their retirement doing a continual loop of the continent following the good weather and having a great time!