Camper rental

Renting a camper, motorhome or RV (Recreational Vehicle) is possibly the best way to get to know the country you are visiting on holiday. The freedom that a camper or motorhome gives you allows exploration at your own pace in total self sufficiency. In a campervan you stow all your clothing and equipment, food and drink just once during your holiday allowing more time for sightseeing and relaxation as opposed to hotels where you must pack and unpack each day if touring. A campervan allows you the privacy you need, your own living room, kitchen and bedroom (and bathroom in larger models) that you have all to yourself throughout the trip.

Camping will also bring you closer to nature. Imagine sitting outside you campervan in Australia at dusk and watching kangaroos at play an experience you will be unable to mach if staying in a hotel. Or how about waking up in New Zealand to find Wekkas hunting for early morning worms just outside your bedroom window? Going to sleep to the sound of the surf on the East coast of France ? A holiday in a campervan can offer you all this and more.

Motorhomes can be rented from many airports, alternatively motorhome rental agents are located close to airports and will collect you from your flight. A full briefing is provided, instruction on how to use the various amenities the motorhome provides, as well as instruction on how to drive a large vehicle correctly for those who may not be used to vehicles of such size (all motorhomes from small campervans to large RV's are actually surprisingly easy to drive!) is dedicated to bringing you the best campervan rental and campervan holidays throughout North America, Australasia and Europe . We list motorhome rental companies operating in USA and Canada , Australia and New Zealand and all European countries, as well as campsites, routes and helpful tips from experienced campers.